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Kids Camp 2022

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God is Greater!

Our annual kids camp week is coming up soon! This year's theme is "God is Greater", where we will focus on how no matter the problem, situation, or battle, God is always greater and able to help us overcome.

Dates: July 11-15

We will leave Monday morning at 7am, and will return Friday around 5pm. 

Return in-person at PBC or email to

Cost: $200 

Money will be due day of. 

We will also be holding a talent show fundraiser for any student who is interested in raising money for their camp fund! It will be after service on June 5th.

Where: Minnetonka Camp, OK

We will be in the beautiful mountains of Clayton, Oklahoma.

What you can expect:

Camp is a 1 week experience where our students will be engaged in worship, Bible study, team games, swimming, and so much more! It is truly a great opportunity for them to get away from all distractions and focus on their relationship with God.

Every year, we take up phones from students so that they can stay focused on camp, and not social media. We will always provide leader phone numbers to parents so that they can stay in contact with their students should there be any emergency.

Guys and girls will be staying in separate dorms on opposites sides of the camp throughout the week, and will be supervised by church leaders as well as camp staff. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Frank Patino at

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